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No Exams After Winter Break

UntThere have been some reports that J&K government is thinking of shifting the examination session of primary to secondary classes from November to March and final decision on this may be taken in coming weeks. We don’t know where the idea came from but government should not hasten in making the decision as it is not well thought out. Almost every college in the United States has exams before winter break. There may be many colleges in India where admissions start in June-July time frame but that does not mean we should mess our academic calendar based on that. In fact, that that may be once in a life time opportunity for pupils to prepare themselves better to get into their dream college. There are many things to consider in this regard and we cannot shift the exams on a mere single data point.

Too much work and strain on the brain is not good for the pupils, leisure activities are important part of our lives as well and break also helps them to be more psychologically ready for another academic year that is the reason we have vacations. Exams just after the winter break do not make any sense as long break creates an intellectual and mental lapse, which affects student scores and makes them feel guilty for not studying enough.

Little ones tend to get excited for the winter break, it is the time when extended families get together. Kids go to their grandparent’s house, cousins get together, many go outside the state to break the routine and avoid the harsh weather, which even lingers the break. If we schedule the exams after the winter break we will not be allowing them to enjoy holidays. It means pupils will have to worry about exam during the break, for most pupils that would mean studying full time hours. As schools will be closed for winter break and pupils need more academic help during exam time, it will further increase the menace of private coaching. Making pupils anxious during holidays and keep them thinking about looming exams will not be a good strategy.

According to the office of the Secretary-General of the European schools, the school year must consist of 180 working days. Although we have winter and summer breaks but the calendar is not fixed and dates are always released by the government at the eleventh hour. This makes planning difficult for both students and their parents. We should have a fixed academic calendar that includes the winter break from 1st week of December to 1st week of March and summer break for the month of July. Unless something drastic happens, this should never change. We make government to make things better and easier for us and not the vice versa.